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A Few Facts.

Having briefly sketched the salient points of the two cities on either
side of the Nicholstone property, we will premise fuller details of that
favored section by reciting a few truths making it self-evident that air
investment there is certain to result in a profit.

IT IS TRUE that the Nicholstone country is within easy access of two
large cities, by rail, by water, and by wagon, and is now the site
of many suburban homes, which will be numbered by hundreds in
the near future.
IT IS TRUE that the soil is of the richest description, and is admirably
adapted to the growing of small fruits, vegetables, melons, etc.
IT IS TRUE that the only native forest growth in Galveston County is located
on this property, thus enabling settlers to secure cheap fuel, and
Plenty of it.
IT IS TRUE that the climatic conditions are very favorable to the raising of
fine stock, cattle, horses, etc., and are such as to render dairy-
ing a safe and profitable investment.
IT IS TRUE that it is a veritable "Garden of Roses," all varieties of flowers
growing almost spontaneously.
IT IS TRUE that the climate is so mild and equable that the agriculturist
can follow his pursuits out of doors, without discomfort, all the
year round.
IT IS TRUE that the property is swept by the gentle sea-breeze which
blows from the Gulf, and which renders life in the Nicholstone
country well worth living.
IT IS TRUE that an abundance of wild fowl, fish, and oysters are to be had
within a reasonable distance.
IT IS TRUE that the community is law-abiding and hospitable, and the
neighborhood well supplied with churches and schools.
IT IS TRUE that the finest parks and fair buildings, artesian wells, and pic-
nic grounds are owned and located on the Nicholstone City Com-
pany lands. The improvements involved the expenditure of more
than $225,000, and have been visited by over 30,000 persons in a
single day, and the contemplated improvements will still further
greatly enhance the valve of the property.


The Nicholstone Property.

Situated as it is, the Nicholstone property claims the attention of
the suburban home-seeker and "the man with the hoe." The Nicholstone
country borders on Dickinson River on the south, Clear Creek on the
north, and Galveston Bay on the east; while the International & Great
Northern, the Missouri, Kansas & Texas, and""the Galveston, Houston &
Henderson Railways almost bisect it. The Galveston, La Porte & Hous-
ton runs along its eastern border, and just west of it passes the Gulf, Col-
orado & Santa Fe systems. Preliminary surveys for an electric road to
Houston have been run. In the matter of railway facilities there is noth-
ing lacking.
On the shores of Galveston Bay, twelve miles southeast of the Nichol-
stone property, is Texas City, where extensive docks have been built and
elevators constructed. The Texas City Terminal Railway makes con-
nections with the trunk lines entering Galveston and Houston.
ALVIN, Located fourteen miles from Nicholstone on the line of the Gulf,
Colorado & Santa F6 Railway. The population is over 2,000, and
the town owes its existence to the development of the fruit and
berry belt on the Texas coast.
HITCHCOCK, Five miles from Nicholstone, where the first Le Conte and
Keiffer pear orchard was planted by Colonel H. M. Stringfellow, and
for years realized $10,000 per annum, from thirteen acres.
NORTH GALVESTON, On the shores of Galveston Bay, seven miles east
of Nicholstone, where several manufacturing enterprises are in
operation; connected with Galveston and Houston by rail.
LA PORTE, Fifteen miles from Nicholstone, on the shores of Galveston
and San Jacinto Bays; connected by rail and water with Houston and

Some of the "reasons why" it will surely pay to invest in
the lands of the Nicholstone City Company can thus be briefly
IT WILL SURELY PAY. Because property has more than doubled in
value within the past two years and is still advancing.
IT WILL SURELY PAY. To invest money in a Nicholstone City Com-
pany's fruit farm is to have a steady source of income. The country
Is growing, is bound to grow, and will continue to grow until it is
one vast garden, and will soon be most densely populated.

Views showing onions, potatoes, and farm products, Nicholstone

Nicholstone on the Bayou
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